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What a difference a day makes. Scary stats for Free to play Devs

Free to Play gamers.

The report tracked the behaviour of more than 10 million players for 90 days,

Starting in November of last year. All the players were new to the games being played, covering more than 30 titles in Swrve’s network.

scary stats for free to play

19 percent of those new players opened the games only once.

66 percent had stopped playing after the first 24 hours

on average, players spent about 45 cents over the course of those 90 days.

only 2.2 percent of players spent any money at all,

6 percent of the revenue came from the top 10 percent of those spenders.

53 percent of the spending in the games surveyed happened within the first seven days after users started playing.

40 percent retention on day two – is “a sign of a real hit. – Free-to-play veteran and DeNA head of European game studios Ben Cousins 

summary : two-thirds of players leave after day one, and half of their value as paying customers evaporates after week one. 


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