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Victory Racing: Special Event: Endurance Week

Game Update:

Victory Racing is holding a Special Event: Endurance Week this week, If you like track racing and nice graphics than this game is definitely worth checking out.

Victory: The Age of Racing Teaser 2014

Victory is an unique racing game with unprecedented car handling and user generated cars inspired from the different eras of racing. Victory proposes a thrilling racing experience through multiplayer events competition and get drivers involved in an addictive team career.

Also available on Steam Early access.

Victory Racing Screenshot


It’s time to clock up the miles, Racer. From 10th to 16th of November you will be part of the Endurance Week:

Any race or event you take part of, we’re going to register the distance covered.


1st Position: 20000 GEARS CREDITS
2nd Position: 15000 GEARS CREDITS
3rd Position: 10000 GEARS CREDITS

Check the live rankings for this event in game, under the Racing Authority panel.

Victory Racing Screenshot

Download and Check out the game here on the Official website: www.AgeOfRacing.com

Developer http://vaevictis.it/

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