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Appcrawler – The app discovery engine. Pick your Platform, IOS, Android, Windows, phone or tablet, click on the filters sort by Price, Category, Topic, Use, Audience, Features etc and get recommended games and apps based on how you set the filters. Unlike other search sites that rely on keyword matching and are not able to fully leverage the concepts and signals buried in the vast amount of user generated reviews, AppCrawlr uses a new method to combine advanced data mining and statistical modeling technologies to provide users with the most relevant and trusted recommendations for searching and discovering apps.

AppDJ – Recommends New Apps. Discover new apps in an interactive and fun way. 5 sliders allow you to define the traits of apps you are looking for. Based on this, AppDJ will recommend apps that you might find interesting. Searching for new, cool apps is no longer a hassle. Have fun finding new apps!

Appromoter – This is a nice service for Devs and Journos, But I have to say it’s a little on the light side for App content. Site blurb….You may have developed the best app since Angry Birds, but without a great marketing campaign the chances are your app will lie undiscovered in the app store.

That’s where appromoter comes in. We get your app under the noses of the journalists and bloggers who matter, all for a fraction of the cost of employing a PR company.

Each app gets its own branded microsite that journalists and bloggers can access 24/7, and on top of that we’ve got plenty of tools and marketing advice that you can use to plan your marketing strategy. appromoter has a solution for every app marketing requirement and budget.

Apptap  – AppTap powers contextual app recommendations, app search and advertising for leading publishers, increasing user engagement and generating incremental revenue.

PinApps – Pinapps lets you discover the best apps and share them with your friends!

Quixey – We invented Functional Search™ specifically for apps. Functional Search™ revolutionizes the way you find apps by allowing you to describe what you want to do. Whereas other search engines require you to know the name of the app you’re looking for, with Quixey you don’t need to know the name of an app to find it. Simply describe your task and we’ll return a list of apps to help. Iphone, Android, IPad, Blackberry, Windows.

Plus a few more can be found here on the Mobile app market

Updated 21 02 2015

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