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The Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice uses the Freemium business model but gives you plenty of starting cash, and the gold used to upgrade the office and buy items is well supplied. Superium is used to hire heroes and speed up training and research, Superium is rarer than gold, but you do get plenty of it if you play the missions.

I played for about an hour before I made a real money purchase for the Coin Doubler and the Superium pot plant. This wasn’t because the game asked or forced me to Pay in anyway. After the first hour I made the choice to pay to support the developer, who has done a very good job of making a nice free to play game.

The advantage of the two purchase was the speed that I now earn Gold coins has doubled, which has basically removed the grinding, and there wasn’t much of that anyway. The waiting mechanic doesn’t matter in this game. There is so much to do that the game doesn’t stop while a hero improves his or her stats.

Along with earning Superium in missions the purchase of the pot plant gives be free Superium ever 15 mins, making it much easier to buy new heros. Both of these purchase aren’t necessary to play the game but considering the very low price of a few euros each i prefered to let the developer know I appreciated a nice game and give them some money for it.

The character designs is fun, managerial position in a game seamlessly blends a small amount of base management with the superhero battle elements, which I think make the game that bit more funny.

The gameplay can get quite repetitive, however it is a good game. I recommend it as a nice train journey time waster,

Developer : Double Fine & Dracogen  – Official Site can be found here.

Available for IOS and Android

Also EXCLUSIVE to NVIDIA Tegra devices are new costumes for @Man and Crimebot!

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