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Vs Free to Play

It’s true to say that most mobile games operate a free-to-play Business model or (Freemium). Just open any app store to see that the top ten games in any genre will almost always be free to Play However: If you are an avid player of mobile games, such as I have been, the Free model [...]

Bandai Namco goes Free to Play

With not one, not two, but three new titles.  Rise of Incarnates is a new IP, and is looking good. Coming to Steam soon, Date is TBD,    From the creators of the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises, Rise of Incarnates unleashes unfettered 3D combat upon the PC. In this shattered landscape, Incarnates team up for [...]

Free to Play by the rules

Is strict regulation for F2P gaming on the way? Should we fear the new rules of the game? In 2012, Japan declared “kompu gacha” used by many Free to Play games at that time illegal.  Last month 2013, the UK Office of Fair Trading released a set of Guidelines ‘rules’ for Free to Play game  & [...]

1/5 Okay so premium games on mobile don’t sell, so we keep getting told by the investor/marketing wing of the industry… Tweeted: Fireproof Games’ director and co-founder Barry Meade. 2/5 Well today Fireproof received word The Room Two has sold 1.2m. Combined with The Room we’re at 5.4m sales over 14 months… 3/5 Yet this all [...]