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Stats – Mobile gaming numbers

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Overview of the 2013 German Games Market

Newzoo & G.A.M.E partner to provide data on German games market and support local industry growth Read more at New Zoo Below is  an overview of the 2013 German Games Market from G.A.M.E.

For a lot more information on the stats in this Info graphic visit the App Annie blog here;

The $4.1 billion market for collectible card games is frequently overlooked by video game makers.  Traditionally a physical genre, card games have recently exploded onto the digital scene, bringing with them dedicated, engaged audiences across platforms. The multi-player classic brings a wealth of rewarding game play to smartphone screens everywhere, and saw its total revenue [...]

  Flurry has just issues its 5 year report on mobile: Here are some snippets and highlights of interest for games. To quote flurry: “There is an old saying in the world of advertising: “time-spent is the timeless currency”. It means that advertising revenue distribution follows time-spent distributions.” As an example, if an app commands [...]

US users spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes every day using apps on smartphones and tablets 17% of the time is in Facebook, and 14% in a browser. But a whopping 32% is spent playing games. Source report.

  Swrve surveyed millions of gamers for a monetization report (January 2014) and found that .15% of mobile gamers paid around 50 percent of all the in-game purchases made in free-to-play games. Only 1.5 percent of those active players surveyed in January made a purchase that month. The report goes on to say that once [...]

Infographic – Rise of Mobile Gaming

One for HHG Fans – Not so paranoid android The split of mobile operating systems: Android touch devices now account for 60% of mobile game plays, compared to 40% iOS. However, IOS monetisation is better especially on tablet.  December 2013 Source: superdata

  Source: Superdataresearch.com

MMO market in 2013

Pay to Play – 2.8 Billion Dollars Free to play – 8.3 Billion Dollars Where are the player playing? Handheld – 5% Mobile – 14% Console – 30% PC – 51% Source data: superdata research