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Stat: Free to play vs. Pay to play 

Online multiplayer games have been popular for a long time. But in only a few short years, the MMO market has changed dramatically in terms of revenue, player preferences and addressable audience. Overall, the total MMO category is on track to generate $11 billion in annual revenues by the end of this year, representing roughly [...]

Stats: Top ten MMO’s by revenue for 2014

Forecasted to generate $21 billion in worldwide revenues this year, mobile games have become one of the most important digital platforms for gamers and publishers alike. Today, mobile games account for over one third of monthly spending among digital gamers in the United States alone.     Full report can be purchased at: http://www.superdataresearch.com/market-data/mobile-games-market/

Painful numbers for Western and American game developers, has to be the cost per install rates for domestic markets.   As of today the average CPI rates for Google Android are USA $1.28 and China $0.51 and for IOS the rate for the USA is  $2.73 compared to  $1.56 for China. In America the Cost per install has jumped almost 40%  [...]

Chinese vs US Mobile Market Data

China vs USA Worldwide, the app stores and chat networks account for around 1.5 billion mobile games. The U.S. has 242 million players spending about $3.2 billion a year. China has 266 million who spend $3 billion a year at current revenue rates. Growth in U.S.  has slowed as the market has saturated. In the first quarter of [...]

Infographic by: Localytics

Free to Play gamers. The report tracked the behaviour of more than 10 million players for 90 days, Starting in November of last year. All the players were new to the games being played, covering more than 30 titles in Swrve’s network. 19 percent of those new players opened the games only once. 66 percent [...]

ARPU of major mobile games: Puzzle & Dragons is massive at $11.89, Big Fish Casino throws it’s chips in at $2.07 Clash of who? $1.31 Supercell’s Clash of Clans earns almost three times more per user than Hay Day, which explains why the company opted to release Boom Beach featuring comparable mechanics Origianl Source: superdataresearch.com  

    The original Graphic and a list of 10 alternative appstores can be found here; http://www.techgyd.com/alternative-android-app-stores/6875/

Infographic 2013 Global Computer Games Market – By Segment Source: new zoo

Infographic 2013 Global Computer Games Market   Source New Z00

Infographic 2013 Global Computer Games Market – By screen   Source NewZoo