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Nosgoth Open Beta

Nosgoth Open Beta Starting from 21 January 2015. Its totally free to play game. You can download it from Steam. More information about Nosgoth Open Beta Starting below. Nosgoth is an action, free-to-play, adventure and multiplayer game. Developer is Psyonix and publishers is Square Enix. Its coming somewhere in 2015 but its Open Beta is [...]

Be warned the music in the video may give you a nosebleed. Trove is now free to play for all as Open Beta blows the doors off our new voxel MMO! Download Trove and jump right in here at Trovegame.com. Prepare to adventure, collect, and create your way through a massive universe of online worlds. [...]

Call of Duudie Online: Coming early 2015

  Activision is planning to launch an unlimited Call of Duty Online beta test in China early 2015, The beta will be complete with virtual item sales. This launch could help the publisher tap into its "potential largest player base," Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said during an earnings call today. The game is a free-to-play [...]

Naval free-to-play shooter It's still too early to to put a date on when the game would finally be playable. Site here