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  Flurry has just issues its 5 year report on mobile: Here are some snippets and highlights of interest for games. To quote flurry: “There is an old saying in the world of advertising: “time-spent is the timeless currency”. It means that advertising revenue distribution follows time-spent distributions.” As an example, if an app commands [...]

The Clash of Clash developer SuperCell’s next game Boom Beach live earlier today on the AppStore and is now available worldwide for IOS. Boom Beach is a strategy title in which the player attacks various island bases, including those held by other players. Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where [...]

Android Age & Gender by Game Genre

The first step in monetizing any app is acquiring new users. To understand whom to target, we next looked at the age and gender distribution of our game genres. On the X-axis is the average percentage of MAU (Monthly Active User) that is female and the Y-axis is average age of MAU in the genre. [...]

Let’s take a look at the retention matrix for 1,382 of the top gaming apps for Android. On the X-axis is 30-day Static Retention, as defined as the percentage of new users who opened the app 30 days after install (this is not to be confused with Flurry’s Rolling Retention, which looks at the percentage of [...]

The Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice uses the Freemium business model but gives you plenty of starting cash, and the gold used to upgrade the office and buy items is well supplied. Superium is used to hire heroes and speed up training and research, Superium is rarer than gold, but you do get plenty of it if you play the [...]

  Source: Superdataresearch.com

MMO market in 2013

Pay to Play – 2.8 Billion Dollars Free to play – 8.3 Billion Dollars Where are the player playing? Handheld – 5% Mobile – 14% Console – 30% PC – 51% Source data: superdata research