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Governing bodies

Google is Cracking Down.

Google is Cracking Down on iffy Android Developers Android is cleaning up their app store. Google recently announced a handful of changes to their Google Play Policies. Many of these changes are aimed at cracking down on deceptive ad units and other dodgy behavior. This is most likely in response to The OFT’s proposed Principles for free to [...]

Free to Play by the rules

Is strict regulation for F2P gaming on the way? Should we fear the new rules of the game? In 2012, Japan declared “kompu gacha” used by many Free to Play games at that time illegal.  Last month 2013, the UK Office of Fair Trading released a set of Guidelines ‘rules’ for Free to Play game  & [...]

Principle 1 Information about the costs associated with a game should be provided clearly, accurately and prominently up-front before the consumer begins to play, download or sign up to it or agrees to make a purchase. Principle 2 All material information about the game should be clear, accurate, prominent and provided up-front, before the consumer begins [...]

Self regulated Games & Apps

I’ve added a section to the site for Governing bodies associated with mobile and online games. I will keep adding to these pages in the future to hopefully create a useful information resource. I have posted some regulatory resources here for more information.