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The European Union are about to add their own micro-transaction to your next game. It is most likely that Steam, Origin, Uplay, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon & others will need to adhere to the new European Union legislation takes effect in January 2015. For those companies who have an entity in Luxembourg (EA, Valve, European headquarters) where the taxes are 3% or even [...]

Oomph… The Play store for Indonesia

Oomph is a content distributor like Google Play. The main difference is that it is tailor-made just for the Indonesian Android market, mainly due to payment methods that it accepts. It lets customers pay for downloads via prepaid mobile credit which is referred to as “pulsa” in Indonesia. To date Google Play does not support carrier [...]

APKMagz – Alternative Android App store

We’ve been updating our list of Android app stores. You can find a complete list of alternatives to Google play here.  One new addition is APK Magz, It has a nice clean layout categorized to make discover easy and has a nice search feature to help you dig a little deeper. APKMagz.com is a APK [...]

Korean App stores: Alternatives to Google Play

Korean App stores: Naver NStore olleh Market APPZIL

Just added the following to our ever growing list of Verified and unverified alternative  app stores. The full list can be found here. Android :  Alternative Verified and unverified IOS: unverified Appmakr Market  Now part of infinite monkeys as the appstore for their app building platform. Build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it [...]

This is a list of the top 5 verified alternative Android marketplaces.  #1 Amazon Appstore – The official Amazon Android Download App store #2 1 Mobile Market – 1Mobile Market is a collection of more than 500,000 free android apps direct downloads, with more exciting, practical and unique apps added everyday. I have this on my tablet, it has a large volume [...]

Google is Cracking Down.

Google is Cracking Down on iffy Android Developers Android is cleaning up their app store. Google recently announced a handful of changes to their Google Play Policies. Many of these changes are aimed at cracking down on deceptive ad units and other dodgy behavior. This is most likely in response to The OFT’s proposed Principles for free to [...]

Android Age & Gender by Game Genre

The first step in monetizing any app is acquiring new users. To understand whom to target, we next looked at the age and gender distribution of our game genres. On the X-axis is the average percentage of MAU (Monthly Active User) that is female and the Y-axis is average age of MAU in the genre. [...]

Let’s take a look at the retention matrix for 1,382 of the top gaming apps for Android. On the X-axis is 30-day Static Retention, as defined as the percentage of new users who opened the app 30 days after install (this is not to be confused with Flurry’s Rolling Retention, which looks at the percentage of [...]

Alternative Android App Stores – Update

There are a few good reasons why you might want to expand the coverage of your app beyond Google Play.A lot of alternative app stores offer something unique to separate themselves from the rest. I have added a new section to the tools and resources menu – Alternative Android App Stores.  As usual, if you want [...]