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Happy Second Birthday MoboMarket.

Ever since the inception, MoboMarket received huge response from developers worldwide along with active Android users. After two years of consistent efforts and impeccable service, the marketplace today boasts of over 100 million users worldwide. Moreover, the store has 40 million of daily distribution and 5 million of daily active users. Today, most of MoboMarket’s [...]

Start finding great apps. App free: Android and Iphone software ZoZoApps’s proprietary algorithm learns the functions and topics of apps, you can search on what apps do, not just what they’re called. Try searching for “strategy games”, “childerens games”, “network tools…etc” or “chat” and start finding great apps. ZoZo is the first most intelligent search engine [...]

Alternative IOS App Stores

List of Official and Alternative iOS App Stores – Plus some Windows stores.     The product descriptions are from their sources: and no way reflect my opinion. This list is created for research purposes. Warning These are unverified marketplaces , I do not recommend any of the app stores mentioned here. When downloading the apps from these [...]

APKMagz – Alternative Android App store

We’ve been updating our list of Android app stores. You can find a complete list of alternatives to Google play here.  One new addition is APK Magz, It has a nice clean layout categorized to make discover easy and has a nice search feature to help you dig a little deeper. APKMagz.com is a APK [...]

Just added the following to our ever growing list of Verified and unverified alternative  app stores. The full list can be found here. Android :  Alternative Verified and unverified IOS: unverified Appmakr Market  Now part of infinite monkeys as the appstore for their app building platform. Build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it [...]

Infographic by: Localytics

For a lot more information on the stats in this Info graphic visit the App Annie blog here;

Do you want thousands Android Games on PC?

Although this isn’t strictly an Alternative AppStore, it can be used as such, and I will be adding BlueStacks to our ever growing list of stores and market places here  The video here will give you an insight into the app. App Player lets you run your favourite Android mobile apps fast and fullscreen in [...]

  Flurry has just issues its 5 year report on mobile: Here are some snippets and highlights of interest for games. To quote flurry: “There is an old saying in the world of advertising: “time-spent is the timeless currency”. It means that advertising revenue distribution follows time-spent distributions.” As an example, if an app commands [...]

Alternative Android App Stores – Update

There are a few good reasons why you might want to expand the coverage of your app beyond Google Play.A lot of alternative app stores offer something unique to separate themselves from the rest. I have added a new section to the tools and resources menu – Alternative Android App Stores.  As usual, if you want [...]

Stats of the day from AppBrain

App Brain is an Alternative Android App Market. They offer a view of Google Play, Android phones and AppBrain usage which we compile from the data they gather from Google Play, and from aggregated usage numbers of their own Android app and site. These statistics are updated on a daily basis. http://www.appbrain.com/stats/   Distribution of [...]

1/5 Okay so premium games on mobile don’t sell, so we keep getting told by the investor/marketing wing of the industry… Tweeted: Fireproof Games’ director and co-founder Barry Meade. 2/5 Well today Fireproof received word The Room Two has sold 1.2m. Combined with The Room we’re at 5.4m sales over 14 months… 3/5 Yet this all [...]