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Stat: Free to play vs. Pay to play 

Online multiplayer games have been popular for a long time. But in only a few short years, the MMO market has changed dramatically in terms of revenue, player preferences and addressable audience. Overall, the total MMO category is on track to generate $11 billion in annual revenues by the end of this year, representing roughly 21% of the worldwide digital games market. By 2017, this number is forecast to grow to $13 billion. And so it can be no surprise that small and large publishers alike are trying to claim their share of this thriving market.

Top 10 MMOs 2014

The success of MOBA titles indicates a subtle but important shift in the way people like to play online. Offering the same fast paced action as first-person shooter games, MOBAs have quickly become one of the most popular game genres worldwide, growing their share of the overall MMO category from 16% to 24% in just the last year.

free-to-play games offer high-quality game play that is also accessible. Consequently, we’ve seen a spectacular adoption by gamer audiences in markets like Brazil, Russia and Turkey. But Asia remains the biggest market for free-to-play MMOs: with $4.2 billion in revenues, it looms over North America ($3.1B) and Europe ($2.1B), two markets traditionally central to any successful publishing strategy.


More from the full report here: superdataresearch.com


Infographic: PC/MMO Gaming Revenues to Total $24.4Bn in 2014 – From Newzoo


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