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Site news, New updates additions to alternative mobile app stores

Just added the following to our ever growing list of Verified and unverified alternative  app stores.

The full list can be found here.

Android :  Alternative Verified and unverified

IOS: unverified

Appmakr Market  Now part of infinite monkeys as the appstore for their app building platform. Build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it published to the world for free. For a small fee  you can go ad free and also submit your app to Apple and Google stores.

BAM Best apps Market – We find the Best Apps for You. Personalized recommendation of Apps and Games you will love. Very Good for games.

BlueStacks – Over 12 million people around the world use top apps like Candy Crush Saga, Kik Messenger, Temple Run 2 and more on their laptops with BlueStacks. It took our engineers two years to build the complex “LayerCake” technology that enable this to happen. Download App Player for free while it remains in beta. Just click the button below to install on your PC or Mac.

Ibuildapp ; is another market place attached to an app building platform.

N-Duo market  is new comer to the scene in China.  This is a start-up. so the selection sin’t very big at the moment: easy to use sections which include Android apps specifically for Android tablets.

IOS Updates

iNoCydia – Cydia alternative made by GamingWithViro and Emu4ios.net it has a few tweaks such as winter board and some applications from Emu4ios.net and other sources it is one of the best cydia alternatives I’ve tried and if you own an apple product I suggest you get iNoCydia right away.

Infinity Installer – Simple, fast, and elegant web based package manager. Coming soon

OpenAppMKT Apps: They offer wide range of HTML apps that can be access via safari web browser after installation. I haven’t been tested Open app mkt apps yet, but got nice review from the co-bloggers.

Pandaapp –  The Pandaapp store supports IOS, windows as well as android, downloads are available via their website or their own Android application. All the Android apps on the Pandaapp store are Free, Warning; take care as there are lots of cracked and pirated games on the platform!


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