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Premium-i-fication.. or Paid Apps on the come back?

It’s true to say that most mobile games operate a free-to-play Business model or (Freemium). Just open any app store to see that the top ten games in any genre will almost always be free to Play

Leos Fortune screenshot

However: If you are an avid player of mobile games, such as I have been, the Free model is getting a little tiring. I know I can grind and spend weeks trying to gain the next widget, level or currency doubler. But, sometimes I just want to play a game. You know, buy one, something that is complete that I can play from start to finish.

Anyway things might be changing? I’m not saying they will reverse, I don’t believe that for a second, but I do think there is a big audience for quality paid games, and unless there are some drastic changes to the current F2P model of Time grinding, that audience will be growing fast.

A counter-trend toward premium mobile games, and if not that, then at least a balancing out of the market.

Already we are starting to see some notable successes. Leo’s Fortune on IOS, which costs $4.99, was the number 1 paid app in over 20 markets.


Titles like The Room and The Room 2  from Fireproof Games also employed a premium pricing model, and sold 5.5 million copies. Plus they posted so nice tweets to the fact.

These games do carry a higher risk, forcing the developer or publishers to invest more money upfront with no real certainty to make their money back, but the cost of making a high quality Free to play title is starting to reach the same scale.

Plus there is an upside to the premium model. Once finished the development team is free to make another game. With most F2P games, this isn’t the case. Support, updates, tuning, analysis, user acquisition all need to be constantly supported by the team.

So if you’re not one of the top devs, you might want to think about the model you next employ in your game.

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