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Ouya drop Free to Play requirement at GDC


OUYA gaming console powered by Android,

Apparently this change of direction was in response to developer feedback. Kellee Santiago head of developer relations at Ouya announced – “in order to give more flexibility to game-makers to decide what content they want to make on/for Ouya, starting in April we’re making the free-to-try component optional.

Another announcement was on “exclusivity” changes to the developer agreement means that games that are exclusive to Ouya can now be launched on PC at the same time.

I think both of these moves are good for developers, and console owners. The removal of the free-to-try requirement will allow developers to bring on board Pay to Play games, for example the Room. This will widen the portfolio and bring quality and more choice to the users. I can’t see to many indie developers being upset about the exclusivity changes either. If you are a small developer, risking exclusivity for your game on one platform is a hard choice to make. Offering PC is a good bet for Indies and small developers who would like to push out to steam and non competing platforms.

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