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Out now on iOS – Crytek’s free to play strategy card game The Collectables

 The Collectables  free to play strategy card game.

Crytek, a company best known for graphically stunning first-person shooters Crysis and recently their XboxOne exclusive launch title RYSE, has joining forces with Mobage to create the free-to-play mobile game The Collectables.

The Collectables Mobile free to play mobile game

Good Men with Bad Intentions – 

Join a crew of maverick soldiers and lead them into explosive combat with strategic precision in The Collectables.

Cutting-Edge Graphics

Discover the true power of your mobile device with groundbreaking 3D visuals that capture the intensity of battle on every front.

Ever-Changing Events

As well as tackling diverse missions in story mode, players can look forward to regular special events that offer a fresh challenge.

Rewarding Gameplay

Earn rewards as you advance and gradually build your troops into an unstoppable wrecking crew.

Real-Time Battles

Fight your way through hordes of different enemy types – from standard grunts to powerful bosses – using intuitive controls to dominate on the battlefield.

Upgrade Your Unit

Before you head into battle, optimize your soldiers using a trading card system that unlocks stacks of new attacking options.

The Collectables Mobile free to play mobile game

The game is currently available for IOS and can be downloaded here or you can pre register for the Android version here. For more details check out the official site: The Collectables.

 Crytek's free to play strategy card game The Collectables

If you are a PC games have a look at WarFace from Crytek. Warface is a free to play FPS (first person shooter) based on the award winning CryEngine.




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