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News: World of Tanks Football Battles – Take a shot at goal with Special Missions

World of Tanks Special Event. Special Missions: Football Battles

WOT Football battles

From Thursday 12 June at 07:10 until Tuesday 15 July at 06:00 CEST (UTC+2), you will be able to take control of the special Tier X medium tank, the T-62A SPORT, and battle it out in a football match held in the Himmelsdorf stadium!

Don’t want to stop playing on the battlefield, but feel like you are missing the football action? Now you can do both. I know from experience that when a big real world event comes along, developers and publishers see a drop in player numbers. It looks like Wargaming is trying to counter this with their own World of tanks world cup event.

I wish I count see the stats for this. 

If you can’t go to Brazil for the World Cup, don’t worry, we have something that will let you feel the emotions of football from wherever you may be. How about playing some football matches with tanks? Yes, you read right – we are inviting you to play football on our battlefields!

Anyway you can find out more at the WOT website

Other Source: Celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup by Playing Soccer in World of Tanks – GameSpot

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