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more Dreadnought. more huge futuristic battleships….. yay again

Well, as one of our most viewed post last year was Dreadnought, we thought we’d direct you to some more content rather than just the teaser trailer. Click either of the images to view a larger version.


Greybox talk to the Twitch team about Dreadnought at PAX Prime 2014! Also included is a bunch of new gameplay footage.

The Website has a whole bunch of very nice screenshots, two of which are above, but also some stunning concept art and videos. Some more information about some of the various space craft, and links to GreyBox’s social media sites if you wish to follow them.

The Official GreyBox website can be found here: https://www.greybox.com/dreadnought/en/

If you missed the original post come and watch the teaser trailer here

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