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Mobile F2P: Star Admiral – Fight in EPIC SPACE BATTLES! – early access

Apparently made for real gamers. Free to play, not pay to win. Star Admiral is a CCG – (collectible card game) for mobile that includes 3D.

Star Admiral is a Massively Multiplayer Trading Card Game for your Smartphone and Tablet. Fight in EPIC SPACE BATTLES! Instead of collecting cards you can assemble a vast fleet of 3D Spaceships and lead them into fast paced and strategic battles against online opponents.

A deep & competitive strategy game for your smartphone and tablet. This is strategic multiplayer PVP, fast paced game play with 3 main factions to choose from and 3 main types of units, traps, strikes and craft. The game sessions can be long, so I don’t expect that this will be a casual game that casual players will pick up.  3D graphics are a nice new touch to the card game genre.

Game control is fairly simple and intuitive. Drag and drop units onto the battlefield to engage them in the action. Colour coded unit levels help you clearly see the levels of the items you have in your deck or on the battlefield. The developer Hardcore have focused on balancing the game, so that the game is a fair free to play rather than a pay to win title.

Teaser trailer.

In game walk through – sneak peek by the developer.

Developer Berlin based Hardcore Games. You can play the game currently on early access on the appstore in Switzerland and Canada, or wait  for the release to the rest of the world this summer.

More information at the official website here. http://staradmiral.com/ where you can sign up for the newsletter.

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