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Mobile cost per install in the West is expensive compared to China.

Painful numbers for Western and American game developers, has to be the cost per install rates for domestic markets.


As of today the average CPI rates for Google Android are USA $1.28 and China $0.51 and for IOS the rate for the USA is  $2.73 compared to  $1.56 for China.

In America the Cost per install has jumped almost 40%  in the last year however spending spending hasn’t changed anywhere near that amount, resulting in lower revenue and profits.

On the other hand, China’s cost per install is at more wallet friendly levels. What’s  important is that China’s CPI rates are well below average revenue per user, meaning game developers have an easier time making money and generating profits in the Chinese market. Which has plenty of potential for growth.

Check out a list of alternative app stores to see some of the options available to you in China.

China’s answer to Amazon, Alibaba is to launch mobile games platform in competition with Tencent.

Tencent is China’s biggest games publisher and social network.

Alibaba, the Chinese e commerce giant, will release a games platform alongside its other mobile offerings to tap into the country’s deep market.

As the Chinese smartphone market continues to heat up — mobile app trends site Flurry noted last summer that the country is already accounting for a quarter of the entire world’s device install base — it’s not just hardware developers scrambling for attention. Alibaba, China’s closest analogue to Amazon, announced that it will pursue the development of a proprietary mobile gaming platform alongside its already-existing messaging and mobile shopping channels.

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