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It will be back 2015- Free to play Terminator game will launch with the new movie.

After all the console stuff and E3 2014, it’s nice to write something about a mobile free-to-play Action Game

Terminator 5

After Glu’s release of Robocop I expect that Terminator will look very nice. Designed with the collaboration of the films creative team Glu’s free-to-play action the title will include head to head combat. Nothing was said about the game being synchronous or not, however we can expect that this will be a multiplayer title for Android and IOS. It would be nice if it was cross platform like Clash of Clans. 

glu logo

Anyway here are some quotes from Glu and the film company Skydance.

“Terminator is one of the most iconic action brands in entertainment and we are pleased to be the first to bring the franchise to mobile as a free-to-play game,” said Niccolo de Masi, Glu CEO. “We look forward to offering our high-energy, action packed gameplay to the millions of Terminator fans worldwide.”

The game will be release next summer (2015) around the same time that the next  Terminator film comes out in the cinemas.

There aren’t many mobile or free-to-play games that offer compelling action or true excitement, but Glu’s titles have proven that it’s possible to deliver both,” said David Ellison, Skydance CEO. “We’re excited to be working with them to design a game that will let gamers experience head-to-head combat in the Terminator universe.”

I will be sure to let you know more as details become available.

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