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Free-to-play PS3 & PS4 & PS Vita. – GunsUp!

E3 2014: announcements. Sony announces free-to-play games for PS3 & PS4 consoles as well as PS Vita

Sony announced a variety of free-to-play titles for its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles and PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system.


Guns Up!  for PS3 &  PS4, PS Vita – Sign up for a chance at early access and in game rewards.

Guns Up! is a free-to-play strategy game

Players take on the role of a General, managing resources and deploying  troops, land mines, air strikes, and smoke screens to destroy enemy bases and conquer new territories.

  • Tons of Units, Vehicles, and Customization!
  • Build your Base, Upgrade, Perfect and Defend It!
  • Compete Online and Team Up with Friends!

Small official site here http://gunsupgame.playstation.com/

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