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Free-to-play ethics driven by fear & snobbery.

free lunch

Two good articles discussing free to play.

Scattered Entertainment GM says critics of free-to-play ethics driven by fear and snobbery. 

Scattered Entertainment general manager Ben Cousins, likened the attacks on free-to-play to past moral panics over pinball, rock n’ roll, or the telephone.

” And just as those uproars seem silly in retrospect, so too will the accusations against free-to-play games be laughed at in the future”

“The attacks and criticism of free-to-play mechanics are often unfair and selective, and leave questionable but traditional business practices alone,” Cousins said. “This is snobbery, evidence that the old guard is scared of where the industry is headed.”

Read more of the article here at http://www.gamesindustry.biz/


Gamespot also ran a good article worth a read 

The free-to-play model currently dominates mobile gaming, but will it also take over Xbox One, PS4, and PC?

GameSpot’s editors discuss.



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