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Do you want thousands Android Games on PC?

Although this isn’t strictly an Alternative AppStore, it can be used as such, and I will be adding BlueStacks to our ever growing list of stores and market places here 

The video here will give you an insight into the app.

App Player lets you run your favourite Android mobile apps fast and fullscreen in your PC or Mac. Now if someone can do the for IOS we can all have a bit of fun.

But for now if you are an IPhone owner who wants to also play games on the Android platform well now you can. You can still play FlappyBird.

Personally I have the same use case as the CEO did, but you may just want to play your games on a bigger screen or save your battery for later.

I tried out BlueStacks yesterday, and it installed with out any hassle and allowed me to sync my apps and games to my PC.

First I tested out Clash of Clans on my desktop. At first there was a little disappointment as I started the tutorial that it wasn’t the game state that I was playing on my phone. However, after completing the tutorial and signing into Google, I discovered the restore feature, and was able to play my game with all of its level 10 and 11 buildings and creatures.

So if you have one of the above whims or use cases, or you are just curious, I would recommend you spend a few minutes and set this little puppy going on you Mac or PC. The site does say “Download App Player for free while it remains in beta. Just click the button below to install on your PC or Mac.” Which I read as “it won’t be free after beta?”

To download the Player or read more about the Bluestacks console check out their website here.

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