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Bye Bye Android Pit Appstore. Closing it’s doors on the 31.12.2014

Android Pit AppStore Closed

Android Pit – Until 31.12.2014 App Center you’ll find one of the largest resources of Android apps available outside of Google Play, formally the Android Market. Each comes accompanied with a rating and clear description and is listed via category to make it that much easier to find what you are looking for. Whether it’s free apps or paid apps, we have a whole host of android apps waiting for your Android device right here in our android market. Whether interested in communication, entertainment, finance, music, news, photography, shopping, social or sports android apps, we can cater to you. You can browse through various categories such as our recommended android apps, best rated apps, top downloads and those apps that have recently had their price reduced right here in our android market.

Android Pit are closing down their Appstore:

Due to changes to certain legal frameworks (VAT changes from 01.01.2015 “for services that have been electronically supplied to private parties”), we are unfortunately being forced to close our AndroidPIT.com App Center on 31.12.2014.

It is for this reason that we hereby terminate a contractual relationship with you on 31.12.2014, as far as the App Center is concerned. Please note that the termination only refers to the App Center, and doesn’t affect your registration on our portal nor the possibility to use our other services, which you can continue to take advantage of as usual.

Furthermore, please be aware that you may only continue to purchase and download apps through our App Center until 31.12.2014. We are also forced to end the repeated downloads of purchased apps on the 31.12.2014 as well. After this date, you will not be able to download previously purchased apps from our App Center. If you would like to download a purchased app from our site, please do so before 01.01.2015. You may continue to use these purchases and downloaded apps after this date, but will not be able to download them once our App Center is closed

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