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Android app developers have a new set of rules – Google Policies

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Google’s recently-updated their Developer Program Policy. Which you can find here: Developer Program Policy.

The new restrictions are meant to stop deceptive and untrustworthy adverts. Under the new rules, developers are responsible for making sure the ads networks they use are not promoting deceptive adverts within their apps.

Apps on Google Play must not promote through deceptive ads on websites, other apps or app notifications.

Apps published on Google Play may not directly or indirectly engage in or benefit from the following behavior:

  • Promotion via deceptive ads on websites, apps or other properties, including simulated system, service, or app notifications or alerts.
  • Promotion or install tactics which cause redirection to Google Play or the download of the app without informed user action.
  • Unsolicited promotion via SMS services.

It is your (the developer) responsibility to ensure that no ad network or affiliate uses such methods to direct users to pages that make your app available for download.

Google has also updated how you can publicize features on the Play Store and in app purchasing rules: This might be in reaction to the UK OFT rules that were setup to come into force this month. Read more about the OFT rules here

  • In-app purchases:
  • Developers must not mislead users about the apps they are selling nor about any in-app services, goods, content or functionality they are selling. If your product description on Google Play refers to in-app features to which a specific or additional charge applies, your description must clearly notify users that payment is required to access those features.

For the complete set of rules please read the Google Play Developer Program Policies

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